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A place for networking
and collaboration

The DIGITAL HUB INDUSTRY offers easy access to an ecosystem that is centered around talents, doers, and companies.

As a driver of interdisciplinary cooperation, we are cultivating a growing collaborative network. We promote exchange between entrepreneurs, researchers, talents and innovators.

We offercomprehensive support with founding and transfer processes in the framework of innovation projects. We promote the service offerings of local stakeholders and relevant network partners.

We are curators of a new culture of innovation.

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Treating others respectfully and as equals is a daring act

This is a place where brilliant minds in research and industry – from start-ups to high-tech companies – come together to inspire one another and scale together.

Here, with the necessary curiosity and respect, potential is sure to be realized, ensuring that ideas grow into solutions for the future.

A venue for innovative doers.

We bring together what belongs together.

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The space and technical facilities we offer, as well as the opportunities for networking and collaborating with established companies and researchers, give company founders the opportunity to grow and thrive; to overcome the challenges they face and benefit from the experience and skills within the network.

In addition to networking opportunities within our own network, we also support withprocesses related to founding, innovation and transfers.

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Theory quickly becomes practice at the DHI. Through collaborations with partner companies in industry, we ensure that the things and people that belong together also grow together: experts, researchers and the next generation. This facilitates groundbreaking ideas, methods and products.

The DHI is already home to various innovative research groups. Located in close proximity to the University of Bremen, we offer an ideal environment for researchers, with direct access to small start-ups and large companies.

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Companies benefit from the vibrant spirit of innovation on-site, as it makes it possible to dynamically enhance established structures by means of shared exchange. They create new products and business models for the digitized industry of tomorrow.

The DHI is a one-stop shop for a wide range of services for companies, from digitization consulting and contact with young talents and start-ups to co-working and workshop spaces.

Digital talents

Learn, research and develop as part of a network – anything is possible at the DHI. For those with big ambitions, the DHI offers everything needed to reach their full potential. Talent finds the space it needs here.

Through its diverse partners, the DHI offers direct access to research and business as well as space for innovation and creativity, and is always on the lookout for young talent.

DHI in-house stakeholders

The network for a new culture of innovation.

The stakeholders at the DHI are every bit as vibrant and multifaceted as our logo: We offer digitization consultations for companies, all-round support for young company founders, further training opportunities for all, access to innovative research projects and a huge network – unique and constantly expanding – of experts and talented individuals from the economic and scientific sectors.

The DHI redefines innovation and brings to the table everyone necessary to develop the ideas of tomorrow.

“Through the DHI, I can easily get in contact with companies and simply try out a collaboration to see how well it works.”

“For me, the DHI is the right environment for getting started: Creative people, a great location and the right connections as well.”

“The DHI helped us to swiftly find the right cooperation partner; support like that means that research quickly becomes application.”

“The DHI offers me a creative environment for new ideas and business areas and also the right colleagues.”


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