The modular program approach for individual development

Digital product and solution development

Needs-oriented, synchronized use of on-site infrastructure and services.

Start-up support

Tailor-made programs with a wide range of offerings for early-stage start-ups and growth phases.

Ideation and research field development

Close interconnection of research, development and product pre-development through collaborative research in physical proximity.

digital talents

Early involvement of students in practical issues through close cooperation with companies and start-up initiatives.

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What does the DHI do, specifically?

Creation of a tailored combination of service components for individual success.

We support digital projects, with assistance from internal and external experts, to initiate collaborative projects between the scientific and economic sectors and implement digital product and service innovations efficiently.

We support the selection of attractive innovation components to be individually collated, from design thinking and brainstorming, digital strategies and business model innovation to spin-offs and market entry.

We organize networking with relevant local and national partners from the transfer, start-up and service provider network to provide needs-oriented support for digital innovations. This includes matchmaking between corporates and suitable start-ups as well as the establishment of low-threshold innovation projects and access to research funding.

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