23. April 2024 - 24. April 2024    


23. April 2024

  • Business & Technology
    Hackathon for students and young professionals
  • Space community dinner

24. April 2024

  • Open BDI NewSpace Brunch
  • Business & Technology
    Hackathon for students and young professionals
  • Space community dinner
  • Top-class speakers, like ESA reserve astronaut Nicola Winter, Commander of German Space Command Michael Traut or the Spaceport Cornwal
  • In-depth panel discussions and impulse sessions with industry, politics and regulatory
  • Presentation of Hackathon results
  • Space meets Art auction


In the heart of Germany’s largest space hub, Bremen, we are excited to announce the inaugural European Spaceplane Summit – a pioneering event designed to build a community around the revolutionary concept of spaceplanes as well as the booming economic domain of the suborbital area and Earth orbits.

Our fresh and dynamic event is created to discover novel approaches in the field of aerospace, striking a balance between bold innovation and grounded pragmatism. At the core of this summit is the ambition to build a platform for interactions, bringing together a diverse mix of industry leaders, policymakers, researchers, startups, and regulators.

In a unique parallel event, we are hosting a Hackathon for students, challenging young minds to push the boundaries of what’s possible. These students will be given the opportunity to present their cutting-edge solutions and innovative projects to you, adding a fresh perspective to the summit.

The European Spaceplane Summit isn’t just a conference; it’s a beacon for space enthusiasts and a testament to Bremen’s leading role in the aerospace sector. We invite you to join us in this journey, to connect, to be inspired, and to be part of shaping the future of space transportation.



General Michael Traut (Kommandeur des deutschen Weltraumkommandos)
Nicola Winter (ESA Reserveastronautin)
Alexander Kopp (CEO & CTO POLARIS Raumflugzeuge)
Ross Hulbert (Head of Engagement Spaceport Cornwall)
Arno Scheidereiter (CEO neusta aerospace)
Manfred Jaumann (Head of Low Earth Orbit & Suborbital Programs at Airbus Defense and Space)


BDI NewSpace Brunch
Keynotes & Pitches
Panel Diskussionen
Space meets Art Auktion
Spaceplane Hackathon
Paperplane Competition