Start of registration for the Avanja Recruiting Challenge 2024


What exactly is it all about?

For around three years now, Project Avanja has been working as an association to attract more women to IT professions. Now they are starting the third round of the Avanja Recruiting Challenge this year and want to bring female applicants together with companies.

The special feature of this round is that the challenge is no longer limited to the IT sector. Companies from all branches can take part! In short: Avanja is looking for companies that are open to putting their own recruiting process to the test.

Why do all of this?

Job advertisements – especially in the IT sector – often do not appeal sufficiently to women*. As a result, the number of female applicants is far too low. Avanja’s goal: To raise awareness among all participants in order to attract more women* to digital professions!

This was the 2023 Avanja Recruiting Challenge

Participation in the Avanja Recruiting Challenge 2024

As a participating company, you will put your own recruiting process to the test and receive individual feedback on where and how you can change in order to attract more women* to your company in the future!

Participating companies…
📋 … receive detailed and honest feedback that they can use for themselves.
🙍 … are confronting their blind spots and, thanks to this knowledge, can position themselves for a broader application pool in the future.
🔄 … take a different perspective from the applicant’s point of view and can therefore respond more specifically to their needs.

Challenge accepted?

Then quickly fill out the application form (at the bottom of the page)! Places will be allocated according to the number of registrations received.