Let’s talk about IT: Join Datagroup on the NIS2 expedition on Tuesday, 27.02.2024

Time is of the essence for many companies in Germany. The European Cybersecurity Directive NIS2 requires them to provide demonstrably better protection against IT attacks by the end of October 2024. It replaces the original NIS directive from 2016 and expands it to include stricter security requirements.

On 27.02.2024, there will be an expedition at the DHI to discuss these security requirements together – with NIS2 expert Prof. Dr. Dennis-Kenji Kipker. Here you can find out exactly what the NIS2 directive entails, whether you are affected, how you can protect yourself and what you need to do now.

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Kai-Ole Kirsten & Jan-Hendrik Wöltjen, Managing Directors of DATAGROUP in Bremen


What is NIS2? The new EU legal act on critical cyber security + Q&A session
Prof. Dr. Dennis-Kenji Kipker, Professor for IT Security Law, Bremen University of Applied Sciences


NIS2 in practice + Q&A session
Janek Maiwald, Head of Cybersecurity, DATAGROUP


Securing production technology in the context of NIS2
Olaf Mischkovsky, Business Development Manager GRC & Critical Infrastructure, Fortinet

From 18:45

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