8. December 2023 - 10. December 2023    


Biodiversity loss, climate crisis, lack of care, social division and so on – challenges accepted!

Have you spent a lot of time working on a topic that touches on a social challenge during a term paper, dissertation or doctoral thesis? Or are you constantly reading about complicated contemporary problems on online news sites and wondering what part you can play in solving them?

What makes the event special:

No previous technical or start-up-related experience necessary

You will be accompanied by impact-oriented founders as coaches during the workshop

Meet like-minded people and network with each other – you will be taken seriously here if you want to make the world a little better

Short method inputs, lots of practical impulses, long group phases for independent teamwork

18 points for WiWi students in the CDE module (27 points for 3 CPs)

Digital certificate for your confirmation of participation

It is not necessary to bring an idea with you

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