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Who are we?

AVIASPACE BREMEN e.V. is a network of committed companies and application-oriented research institutes located in the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen and its environs. The network is responsible for implementing the State of Bremen’s aeronautics and space strategy. The purpose of the Association is to increase collaboration and develop innovative projects within this economic and scientific location.

Over 140 companies and 20 scientific institutions power the aeronautics and space industry within the State of Bremen. With around 12,000 employees, the industry generates over €4 billion per year. As part of the cluster strategy of the state of Bremen, the Senator for the Economy, Labor and Europe has commissioned AVIASPACE BREMEN e.V. with the concrete implementation of the aeronautics and space strategy of the State of Bremen. The aim is to strengthen and further develop the aeronautics and space industry through comprehensive networking with other sectors such as the automotive industry, wind energy and ship building.

Supportforyoung entrepreneurs and start-ups Technology Transfer Networking

What do we do at the DHI?

AVIASPACE BREMEN e.V. mediates between companies, the scientific sector and the authorities. We focus on network building, technology transfer and economic growth achieved by supporting young entrepreneurs and start-ups. This involves the technical and organizational networking of event producers, suppliers and service providers, and of scientific institutions specializing in the areas of material development, high-lift, construction, production technology, earth observation and robotics.

Why the DHI?

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