Start-ups from Bremen universities

Who are we?

Start-up support activities at the University of Bremen are integrated into the “BRIDGE – Foundations from Bremen Universities” university network, which includes the University of Bremen as well as Bremen City University of Applied Sciences, Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences, Jacobs University, the University of the Arts Bremen and Bremer Aufbau-Bank. The BRIDGE university team has its headquarters at the DHI. 

For the topic of start-up businesses, BRIDGE is the central point of contact for students, alumni, and members of the universities of Bremen. BRIDGE has set itself the goal of improving the start-up climate at all of its member universities and giving early support to promising ideas which have the potential to become start-ups. Do you have a vague idea for a start-up? Then your next step should be to contact us. We will invite you for an initial consultation where we can have a conversation – you will get to know us and the University network, and we will listen to your ideas. We will help you shape your rough idea into a business model. We are continuously developing our offerings, which currently include the following three components: Consultation, events and CAMPUSiDEEN, a competition for business ideas from Bremen universities.

“We want to inspire you to make your start-up idea a reality.”

Business Model Development Events,Start-up Lounge, Start-up Workout Funding programs

What do we do at the DHI?

We offer free start-up awareness and qualification workshops and events, such as the StartUp Lounge and the StartUp Workout, as well as advice on your business ideas and on appropriate funding programs such as EXIST. We also run the annual CAMPUSiDEEN start-up ideas competition. You can find out more about our offerings on our website. Why not check it out?

The university BRIDGE team can be reached on-site in the DHI. You are very welcome to drop by.

Why the DHI?

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