Gauss-Olbers Space Technology Transfer Center

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Who are we?

Founded in January 2021, the Gauss-Olbers Space Technology Transfer Center (GOC) is an institute of Departments 01 (lead) and 03 at the University of Bremen. 

The GOC aims to advance the bidirectional transfer of space knowledge and technologies through university education, research, and development for various fields of application in the Bremen region and beyond. Our aspiration is to develop technologies for society, in keeping with our motto: “Space – Science – Society”.

Bidirectional transferof space travel know-how and technologies Political-strategic research consulting Experimental field

What do we do at the DHI?

As a scientific institute of the University of Bremen, the GOC transfers research and development findings from space technologies to business, society and the political sphere. In so doing, the GOC contributes to the structural development of Bremen by means of close cooperation, particularly with the partners of the DHI. Within the DHI, the GOC, with its expertise in the areas of 3D networks, is responsible for the sixth-generation mobile communications standard (6G), small satellites for megaconstellations, quantum technologies and exploration.

Why the DHI?

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