Industry 4.0 digital and innovation lab

Who are we?

DOCK ONE is the digital and innovation lab of the Lenze Group. In light of the increasing digitization of industry, the Lenze Group is expanding its commitment at its Bremen site with DOCK ONE.

We are made up of an interdisciplinary core team of innovation managers, data scientists, user experience designers and software developers, and are also supported in our various projects by a range of project partners, students and employees of the Lenze Group. We assist with the implementation of digital products and services and work with industry companies to develop ideas and solutions for problems affecting business models.

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What do we do at the DHI?

Various (networking) events take place in our innovation lab, which also serves as the venue for a wide range of workshops. We have a particular focus on design thinking and value proposition design. The goal is to work together with our partners and customers on new innovative ideas.

Only by working together can we create digital solutions for the industry of tomorrow!

Why the DHI?

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