University of Bremen – Working Group on Optimization and Optimal Control (O2C)

Optimization and optimal control

Who are we?

As industrial mathematicians, we focus on all issues relating to modeling, simulation and optimization, and on transferring insoghts from (industrial) mathematics to business and society.

The spectrum ranges from data-based modeling and the automated parametrization of digital twins to the optimal control and regulation of processes. In particular our expertise lies in the area of non-linear and complex processes.

What do we do at the DHI?

At the DHI, we are the people responsible for optimization, optimal control and optimal regulation. Our applications focus on autonomous systems in particular: Vehicles, ships, agricultural machinery, large-area robotic mowers and exploratory robots, energy management and spacecraft.

We operate our own research vehicle and an energy research yard, complete with wind turbine and PV system, in the district of Osterholz.

At the DHI, the O2C works closely with Topas Industriemathematik in particular and stands for the successful transfer of this knowledge to society and industry.

Why the DHI?

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