AI Transfer Center

The AI competence cluster for micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises

Transferzentrum für künstliche Intelligenz - BREMEN.AI

Who are we?

We support companies with the introduction of AI technologies and advocate for increased closeness within Bremen’s AI scene.

To this end, we organize regular exchanges within the AI scene and its stakeholders and act as a catalyst for Bremen’s AI economy, driving networking and transfer between the economic and scientific sectors through effective measures and thereby functioning as an interface between the economic, scientific, political and social sectors.

The center is supported by the Senator for the Economy, Labor and Europe. Find out more at


Networkingwithexperts and young talents Best Practice Qualification

What do we do at the DHI?

Various (networking) events take place in our innovation lab, which also serves as the venue for a wide range of workshops.

We have a particular focus on design thinking and value proposition design. The goal is to work together with our partners and customers on new innovative ideas.

Only by working together can we create digital solutions for the industry of tomorrow!

Why the DHI?

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