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Who are we?

The Starthaus is the central point of contact in Bremen’s start-up ecosystem. It supports start-up and growth processes, establishes contacts with the start-up network of the State of Bremen and designs and coordinates the various funding components.

Experienced start-up assistants in Bremen city center and Bremerhaven support company founders and start-ups from the initial idea to the first growth phase, answering all of their start-up- and company-related questions. Via numerous free workshops, interested parties can learn everything they want to know about the structure of an organization, marketing, legal questions and much more.

The Starthaus is a segment of the BAB – Die Förderbank für Bremen und Bremerhaven development bank and supports company founders and start-ups by means of microloans, crowdfunding, investments and grants.

The Starthaus is supported by funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), meaning it is able to offer all consultation services free of charge.

Further information:

Start-up network Shareholdings & Subsidies Founding and business growth consulting

What do we do at the DHI?

At the DHI, we offer start-ups individual advice on their questions about start-ups and the initial growth of their companies and also, in particular, on the following programs we run: 

From our 12-week Pre-Seed Development Program for digital and scalable business ideas to a comprehensive incubation program with tailored trainings and coaching plus targeted advice for start-ups in the aeronautics and space sector and application-oriented industries, at Starthaus Bremen & Bremerhaven, our start-up assistants offer individual advice and support on the appropriate next steps towards becoming a successful start-up and will put you in touch with experts from within the network if necessary.

Why the DHI?

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