RKW Servicestelle digital am Arbeitsplatz

Supports small and medium-sized enterprises
with digital transformation

What is our goal?

Our goal is to identify companies’ further training needs (“future skills”) as part of the digital transformation, to inform them about appropriate further training offerings and funding bodies and to test job-related qualification formats. After all, the greatest challenge of the digital transformation is implementing new forms of (collaborative) work and new technologies in operations. Many companies do not have time for strategic company and personnel development, and they may also lack the capacity to search for suitable further training and support offerings. How can I search for and find appropriate offerings? And are there any offerings that suit your specific further training requirements? This is where the Servicestelle digital am Arbeitsplatz digital workplace service point initiative comes in, supporting companies without bureaucracy in a solutions-oriented manner. The Servicestelle digital am Arbeitsplatz digital workplace service point initiative is a joint project of RKW Bremen and the Senator for the Economy, Labor and Europe, which is supported by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS) for the purposes of developing further training associations and part-funded from federal state means.

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What do we do at the DHI?

The support we offer your company starts with a cooperative stock take. This includes the further development of your (digital) business model, your digitization strategy where applicable and the IT systems and digital tools already in place. 

We will assist your company in identifying suitable further training offerings and providers. In addition, we will develop and test innovative formats in discussion with experts in operational and further training practice that will then be used in your company.

Why the DHI?

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