TOPAS Industriemathematik

Universal knowledge for intelligent systems

Who are we?

TOPAS Industriemathematik Innovation gGmbH is the research and transfer center for optimized, assisted, highly automated and autonomous systems.
Our international, highly motivated team, which has expertise in the areas of mathematics, software development and development technology, realizes and optimizes autonomous systems, digital twins and technical systems.
Our goal is to transform existing and new knowledge from the fields of mathematics and IT into real benefits for the economy and society.
When we talk about self-driving vehicles and machinery, digital twins and energy-efficient drives, we are not talking about science fiction. We are talking about TOPAS.
We at TOPAS – a Bremen company – have access not only to the key that opens the door to the world, but also the core competencies necessary to expand and optimize the autonomous systems sector with our knowledge.
As a partner at the Digital Hub Industry (DHI) Bremen, we are constantly exchanging expertise with other partners such as the AI Transfer Center Bremen and the Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Center Bremen, and collaborate with scientists from the neighboring University of Bremen in many research areas.
In a world where intelligent systems are increasingly important yet at the same time too complex for many companies to access the latest innovations, TOPAS is a partner you can rely on.

“In a world where intelligent systems are becoming increasingly important and are at the same time too complex for many companies to access the latest innovations, TOPAS is a partner you can rely on”.

Key technological competenciesfor the field of autonomous systems

What do we do at the DHI?

From the very beginnings of the DHI, TOPAS took its place as an important stakeholder and collaborates with the Working Group on Optimization and Optimal Control (Prof. Büskens) of the University of Bremen on projects in the automotive, agricultural, logistical and maritime economy sectors.

Why the DHI?

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